Retirement Planning for Non-Traditional Work Arrangements

The work landscape is changing rapidly as a rising number of people embracing unconventional working arrangements. Be it freelance work gig work, gig jobs or part-time jobs such as these, they provide flexibility and freedom, however they also pose particular challenges, especially with regards to retirement planning. The article below we’ll look at the main aspects and … Read more

Saving for a Sabbatical Year to Travel the World

In the chaos of our lives having a sabbatical year to travel around the world could provide a chance for rejuvenation and discovery. A sabbatical, which is typically an entire year of sabbatical from academic or work pursuits can be a chance to discover new perspectives and experience different cultures and gain a new perspective of … Read more

The Path to Achieving FIRE (Financial Independence and Early Retirement)

In a time in which the pursuit of financial success has become the norm in life, the burgeoning movement known as “FIRE” (Financial Independence, Retirement Early) is beginning to gain traction. FIRE is not just a concept; it’s a lifestyle and a mindset that encourages individuals to break free from the traditional work-for-decades-and-retire-later model. This is a … Read more